The feeling about me when I use this website

This is the last blog I write and how can this wordpress website can help me learning english better.To write those blogs I already wrote ,I sometimes have to search in the Internet or asking someone,but it help me to support me to study the news word,grammar,vocabulary,improve my english skill,..In case,I can share my blogs to everyone else and I can read from them too.This website is very good,nice graphic,easy to use.Not just only me,my friends use this website to share and introduce themselves.If I can rate this web,Iam gonna to give it 5 stars.When you begin to write the blogs or somethings,you will see the number of visitor,reader and they can comment your blogs.Not just only that,you can feature image into your blogs,so it would make your blogs more beautiful.That’s all, I hope you will invite more people to use this web.I love this web (wordpress)


Mers disease

In the news,they now all talking about one of the most dangerous disease and that’s Mers disease.You will die if you have this disease and there is no cure drugs or from the doctors.So what is Mers and where did it come from. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a viral respiratory illness and thhe MERS virus is currently spreading in South Korea. This, in combination with the fact that coronaviruses can often mutate, is leading to increased fears it could become a pandemic.Now,I will talk clearly about Mers. Mers is dissimilar to other virus,there is currently no vaccine.So mostly this disease come from Korean,

If you travel to South Korea, you may have wondered about MERS .What are the symptoms of MERS infection?

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting in some people

Should you be concerned about contracting MERS? If you have been in a South Korean healthcare facility in the last few weeks, or in close contact with a traveler.The only way to avoid this disease is protecting for yourself like:

  • Keep your home clean: wipe and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as toys, door knobs, furniture, commonly shared items, and the floor, at least once daily – some viruses may survive for some time in the environment, but are easily destroyed by most detergents and other cleaning agents.
  • Maintain good ventilation, and avoid visiting crowded places with poor ventilation.

So becareful and do everythings to protect yourself.

How to learn English effective.

English is your life,without english you are nothing in this world.So how to learn english quickly,fast,…And I will show you how to do.First,to learn english fast, you need to spend a lot of time to talk,maybe with the foreigner or in the class.Use as much english as good,but only talk is not enough,so your vocabulary and grammar is very important too.I will give you 5 important step to learn english well.

1.Improving your spoken english

Learn English Step 07.jpg

2.Work on your pronunciation

Even if you have an acceptable grasp of the English language, with good grammar and an extensive vocabulary, native English speakers may find you very difficult to understand if you don’t work on your pronunciation.

Learn English Step 02.jpg

3.Expand your vocabulary and use idiomatic phrases.

The wider your vocabulary and the more English phrases you learn, the easier speaking English will become.

Learn English Step 06.jpg

4.Attend an English class or discussion group
Another great way to incorporate some extra English conversation into your weekly routine is to sign up for a class of discussion group.

Learn English Step 12 Version 2.jpg

5.Carry a dictionary

Carrying an English dictionary with you at all times (whether it’s an actual book or a phone app) can be very useful.

Learn English Step 10 Version 2.jpg

A bit about Singapore, my favorite country

Hi,Iam gonna to talk about the country have the cleanest water in the world.Singapore is a leading global city-state and island country in Southeast Asia.Education for primary, secondary, and tertiary levels is mostly supported by the state. All institutions, private and public, must be registered with the Ministry of Education and takes place in three stages: primary, secondary, and pre-university education. Only the primary level is compulsory. Students begin with six years of primary school, which is made up of a four-year foundation course and a two-year orientation stage.

Internet in Singapore is provided by internet service providers that offer residential service plans of speeds up to 1 Gbit/s. The rise of these Gigabit Networks increased exports and created 80,000 jobs in 2006. Mobile phone penetration rate is extremely high at 148 mobile phone subscribers per 100 people.

Since Singapore is a small island with a high population density, the number of private cars on the road is restricted so as to curb pollution and congestion.Singaporean residents also travel by foot, bicycles, bus, taxis and train. Two companies run the public bus and train transport systems. There are six taxi compaines, who together put out over 28,000 taxis on the road. Taxis are a popular form of public transport as the fares are relatively cheap compared to many other developed countries.The Port with a large number of shipping containers and the ocean visible in the background

Talk about Sinapore is talk about place,technology,enviroment,but you already forgot that water is very important too in Singapore.To become like today ,water is a part of making money,so let see how it works.

Singapore has little land to collect and store rainwater. We have faced drought, floods and water pollution in the early years when we established the nation. These challenges have inspired us to innovate and develop capabilities in this area, turning our weakness into strength.

Looking back through Singapore’s water journey over half a century, we have, through investment in research and technology, found an integrated, effective and cost-efficient way to solve our water challenges.

Our experience in effectively addressing our water challenges has earned us international recognition as a model city for water management and an emerging global hydrohub.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho water of singaporeThis country can’t compare with another country like USA,Austraylia,..but they have many tourism, attracting 13,171,303 tourists in 2011, over twice Singapore’s total population. It is also environmentally friendly,attract 13 milion people . As English is the dominant one of its four official languages, it is generally easier for tourists to understand when speaking to the local population of the country, for example, when shopping. Transport in Singapore exhaustively covers most, if not all public venues in Singapore, which increases convenience for tourists.

League Of Lengend (part 2)

League Of Lengend (part 2)

I guess everyone know why do I like this game so much, because I already write about this game last week.Now, Iam going to talk clearly about this game.Players in League of Legends are referred to as summoners within the game. During the course of a match, a summoner takes control of one champion and uses skills and basic attacks to fight the champions of other players towards the ultimate goal of destroying the enemy base. Summoners are divided into two teams, either 5v5 or 3v3, and must work together to coordinate battles and overall match strategy.

When you first log in to League of Legends, you will be faced with an interface known as Through this interface you can access the store, check the official forums, check your summoner profile and statistics, manage a friends list, or join a match. If you click the summoner profile button near the top-right corner of the window and then select the champions tab, you can see which champions are currently available for use. There are currently 70 champions in LoL, but they are not all available for use at any given time. Each week, Riot decides on a set of “free champions” which can be used by anyone for the duration of the week. If you wish to continue playing a champion after they are no longer free, you must purchase the champion through the store using IP (in game currency earned in each match) or real currency. You can also purchase runes and skins through the store, but those are less important and will not be discussed here.

The key bindings for controlling your chosen champion within an actual match are quite simple and easy to pick up. Move your champion by right clicking a location on the map or minimap. In most situations, your champion will automatically begin attacking enemies when the come into range, but to target a specific enemy, right click on it. In addition to these basic attacks (also called autoattacks) every champion has four(or more in rare cases) skills plus a passive ability. The four skills are bound to the Q, W, E, and R keys. The passive ability is not bound to a key, as it takes effect without any player input (hence “passive”). The player can at any time return to his spawn point by pressing the B key. This is referred to as “backing”, “going b”, or “bluepilling.” Also, pressing Enter creates a chat bar which you can use to communicate with your teammates or the other team.When you look at those things,you will see this game is very difficult,but is not like you thinking.If you practice every day,you will become the champian.

How to save your time

So today,I will talk about the problem people always make a mistake.This problem might a few people know and many people don’t know.Now I show you some kind of wasted time.

  1. Complaining. No one gets what they want by whining. Instead, try asking.
  2. Commuting during rush hour. Time-shift your drive for less traffic.
  3. Gossiping. It never gets the work done.
  4. Doing other people’s work. Do your work first
  5. Watching TV. No one ever accomplished their goals by sitting on the couch.
  6. Hanging out with negative people. Be careful, attitude is contagious.
  7. Procrastinating. Action now always beats inaction.
  8. Indecision.Make decisions or life will make them for you.
  9. Reading the news. Go on a media diet.
  10. Antagonizing others. If you don’t have something nice to say…
  11. Playing video games. Angry Birds doesn’t get work done. Neither does Words with Friends.
  12. Eating junk food. Do something active and get your body in motion.
  13. Making empty promises. Stop saying what you’re going to do
  14. Waiting for something to happen. Go out and make it happen.
  15. Attending unnecessary meetings. Practice the “Right to Decline” unneeded meetings.
  16. Reading Email. Only check it 3 times a day. Morning, noon, end of day.
  17. Answering the phone. Remember, your phone is there for your convenience.
  18. Playing Email Ping-Pong. Avoid the back-and-forth, go talk to someone.
  19. Not putting things away. You’ll have to look for them later.
  20. Surfing the web endlessly. One thing leads to another…
  21. Constantly updating your social media status. No one needs to know what you are eating for lunch.
  22. Not capturing ideas. Where did you write down that million dollar idea?
  23. Fighting with others. Agree to disagree, but skip the fight.
  24. Reading the tabloids. Do you need to know which celeb got arrested this week?
  25. Looking for things you misplaced. Make sure you have a place for your stuff

What shouldn’t you do today?

Sometimes it’s not what you do, but what you stop doing.

Protect your day from these time-wasters.

You just might have a little more time in your day.


  1. Letting email notifications interrupt your day. Turn off those pop-ups!
  2. Piling instead of filing. Piles are not organization.
  3. Not looking at your todo list. You wrote that task down, but you didn’t look at your list.
  4. Solving the same problems, again. Make sure you document solutions so you have them down the road.

Critical thinking

This is the one of the most important part everyone should know.Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do or what to believe. It includes the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking. Someone with critical thinking skills is able to do the following, understand the logical connections between ideas.There are 6 parts of critical thinking and those things is who,what,where,when,why,how.Critical thinking is not a matter of accumulating information. A person with a good memory and who knows a lot of facts is not necessarily good at critical thinking. A critical thinker is able to deduce consequences from what he knows, and he knows how to make use of information to solve problems, and to seek relevant sources of information to inform himself. Just try it and you will know how to use