Common game around the world:League Of Lengend (The benefit)

Now,Iam going to talk about the common game around the world.The name League of lengend be remembered with every gamer.This game is amazing such as a real life and it make everyone who play or watch it.A part of that is graphic ,button and challenging the gamer.First is about graphic,this graphic has many colors and animation.In this game,the map cover all the screen.You can see the small map in the corner of the screen if you play.This game force people have skill,good looking and quick action.The botton you need to use on the match only (Q,W,E,R), but very fast .In U.S.A university,some school let this game is the one of sport and they also have a room with many computer.Those computers are having a lot of program without miss League of lengend.Last week,I watched at television and I saw the information from the professor about LoL.He said this game can make you remember everything better,thinking faster and many things else.But play too much is not good for your eyes,affect to your result of study,…So if you play,don’t play too much and you need to have a plan.This game is like another game,I advice you to control you first when you play.These is a few things I want to share with you about advantage and disavantage when I play. I enjoy talking about it with my good friend, who plays it too and is around same skill level.

– Different champs, skills, champ combinations get me excited.
– Talking about excitement, here are other positive emotions I get from the game: pride in my archievements, camaraderie with other folks online, appreciation of my growing skill
– I enjoy watching streams of the proes. It gives me comfort

I don’t want to be the best in the world at LoL, being a professional player does not interest me, therefore I do not put my heart, mind and discipline into the game. This is why I know that I will never be able to enjoy it to the full potential.
– I dot make real life friends from the game.
– I sometimes experience those negative emotions related to the game: anger, hatred (towards self and others), helplessness, apathy, guilt.
– My body gets a little bit unhealthier from the game. Eyes – due to gazing at the screen, internal body organs – due to negative emotions, joints – due to sitting for prolonged time.
– While I enjoy the pursuit of champions/runes, it is almost never as satisfying as expected when i finally get it.
– I forego dedicating time and getting better at my profession or the martial art I study. Which leads me toward the path of mediocrity, not excellence.

That is a little bit about me and about benefit of LoL,something about game too.


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