Introduce about me

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Gioi thieuHi! My name is Dang Minh,Iam 14 years old and I study in Olympia school.My favorite subject are math and english.Dad always tell me to learn english everyday,so I can have a knowledge to study at the university.In my free time,I sometimes play game or I can hang out with my friend,but my parents just let me play game on the weekend.Play football is my habit also watch football in television.The position suitable to me is forward.Talk about Chelsea,I guess everyone know about that team.That is the strongest  and have the greatest skill team in England.The best player I have ever seen is Hazard.To buy this player,the coach had to spend a lot of money,of course that money can’t compare with Ronaldo or Messi.To play like them,I have to train every day and eat a lot of food.Talk about food,I eat  many foods and I don’t know why I still thin,but is okay because the most important things I got to do is make my body taller.My dad said to me that I must swim everyday.I know my dad always told me a lot of things, but all of that things he said is make me better,some guide can help me at the future.That is all about me.


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