The adventage and disadventage of Capital Punishment

Hello,so we meet again.Now, the capital punishment all the most things attention for everyone.Before we start,do you know what is Capital Punishment means.The death penalty is a type of capital punishment in which the accused is put to death as punishment for the crime he committed. The death sentence is a judicial decree in which the accused is sentenced to death. The capital punishment is awarded for those crimes that are considered capital crimes such as murder, terrorism, and other severe crimes.So is this way can make the criminal scare,take payer for crime a lot of money and these way can working.This is a few thing good and bad of capital punishment.

The Adventage of death penalty
    • It shows that the justice system has no sympathy for the criminals.
    • When criminals escape from the capital punishment, they repeat their crimes and take more innocent lives.
    • The availability of modern testings such as DNA testing reduces the chances of punishing the innocents
The Disadvantages of Death Penalty
      • Though there are scientific methods available to investigate the crime, nothing is guaranteed. You cannot remove the chances of punishing innocents completely.
      • The cost involved on the death penalty prosecution is greater than the expenses occurred in the life imprisonment of the accused. The appeals against such capital punishments take too long to decide, and often it takes years to decide the fate of the death penalty. All these things make the death penalty an expensive option for the governments who spend millions of the dollars of the taxpayer money on death penalty prosecutions.
      • It is reported that some of the jury members are not completely impartial as they decide the penalty on racial or religious basis.
      • Some of the accused are mentally ill, and it is ethically wrong to put mentally ill patients to the death.
      • In most cases people who can afford to hire the expensive lawyers often survived from such kind of capital punishment. People who are poor, and cannot afford to get a quality legal assistance becomes the victim of this penalty.
      • Some of the experts believe that life prison is a more effective punishment to control crimes as compared to the death penalty. The countries where the death penalty is banned have less capital crime rate as compared to those countries where the death penalty is practiced.
      • So that is all about good and bad thing of capital punishment,so see you soon
  • It gives closure to the families of the victims who have already suffered a lot.

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