How to learn English effective.

English is your life,without english you are nothing in this world.So how to learn english quickly,fast,…And I will show you how to do.First,to learn english fast, you need to spend a lot of time to talk,maybe with the foreigner or in the class.Use as much english as good,but only talk is not enough,so your vocabulary and grammar is very important too.I will give you 5 important step to learn english well.

1.Improving your spoken english

Learn English Step 07.jpg

2.Work on your pronunciation

Even if you have an acceptable grasp of the English language, with good grammar and an extensive vocabulary, native English speakers may find you very difficult to understand if you don’t work on your pronunciation.

Learn English Step 02.jpg

3.Expand your vocabulary and use idiomatic phrases.

The wider your vocabulary and the more English phrases you learn, the easier speaking English will become.

Learn English Step 06.jpg

4.Attend an English class or discussion group
Another great way to incorporate some extra English conversation into your weekly routine is to sign up for a class of discussion group.

Learn English Step 12 Version 2.jpg

5.Carry a dictionary

Carrying an English dictionary with you at all times (whether it’s an actual book or a phone app) can be very useful.

Learn English Step 10 Version 2.jpg


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