The feeling about me when I use this website

This is the last blog I write and how can this wordpress website can help me learning english better.To write those blogs I already wrote ,I sometimes have to search in the Internet or asking someone,but it help me to support me to study the news word,grammar,vocabulary,improve my english skill,..In case,I can share my blogs to everyone else and I can read from them too.This website is very good,nice graphic,easy to use.Not just only me,my friends use this website to share and introduce themselves.If I can rate this web,Iam gonna to give it 5 stars.When you begin to write the blogs or somethings,you will see the number of visitor,reader and they can comment your blogs.Not just only that,you can feature image into your blogs,so it would make your blogs more beautiful.That’s all, I hope you will invite more people to use this web.I love this web (wordpress)


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